Chess Chase 2020.03.29

Chess Chase is a fusion of Chess and modern real-time strategy games like Starcraft.

It is free and open source.

Tutorial video


macOS or Windows

Download the appropriate installer for your operating system from here.


The game is currently available for beta-testing via Apple's TestFlight. It is not yet available in the normal App Store.


Build from the source code.


Differences from standard chess

Instead of alternating turns, the game is real-time with cool-downs (aka rate limits):

Instead of seeing the whole board, you only see these parts:

Unlike standard Chess:

For players not familiar with Chess

Like in Starcraft, there are different kind of units and each kind moves in different ways.

You don't need to learn the moves before starting to play, you'll figure it out as you go!

To help you see where pieces can move, the board is color-coded. For example, the "Knight" is assigned the green color and its possibly destinations are colored green. On a computer, hovering over a piece shows you where it can move.

After playing a few rounds, you will learn how each piece moves, which is the same way it moves in the classic game of Chess!